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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  March 22, 2012 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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greta you can tell us what you like and didn't like about tonight ace show. good night from washington, d.c.. ybody you see is out of here. o'reilly factor is on. tonight. >> wls shouldn't talk about women our this way. our community deserves better than this. >> bill: vicious far left web site media matters is threatening radio stations to carry rush limbaugh. is this fascism or fair play? we have a special report. >> you are seeing mitt romney doesn't seem to have any core values. just says what he thinks people want to hear. >> bill: rick santorum not giving up. latest ad against bashes mitt romney but is enough enough with this stuff? laura ingraham will analyze. >> one young man, woman between the ages of 12 and 18 be trained in the art of survival and to be prepared to
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fight to the death. >> bill: one of the biggest movies of the year the hunger games where teenagers try to kill each other opens tomorrow. the culture warriors have some thoughts. >> they just want a good show. that's all they want. >> bill: caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone, the factor begins right now. captions by closed captioning services >> bill: hi, i'm bill o'reilly, thanks for watching us tonight. the far left demanding censorship, that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. it used to be that liberals are the most ardent advocates of free speech. the aclu is in business to promote speech, or so they say. now the far left is a primary source of censorship in america. simply put, they do not want to hear opposing points of view. enter the vicious media matters outfit in business of demonizing anyone they do not agree.
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funded by far left zealots like george soros and dishonest to the core. last week we showed you a clip they used of me analyzing gas prices only where cut out the part where i criticize republicans being. that is on bill o' and proves beyond any doubt that media matters has no integrity whatsoever. their latest campaign is against rush limbaugh. media matters is spending $100,000 to run radio ads targeting stations that carry mr. limbaugh. >> local station, wlf, broadcaster radio host who repeatedly attacked a feel mail student for no other reason than participation in a public debate about women's health. wls shouldn't talk about women this way. our community deserves better than this. this community service announcement was paid for by media matters for america. >> bill: now a limbaugh spokesman has issued a statement, quote: these media matters mobs very simple
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message renounce our enemies or become one of them. they barrage small business with threats until they cancel their advertising, unquote. media matters was somewhat successful in damaging glenn beck's brand although is he prospering right now on the net. emboldened by that they are going after limbaugh target number one for liberal america. there is something he very fascist about all of this. shut down opposition. punish people who support them. every totalitarian state in the world tactic number one. silence the opposition. last week suggested to the media research center a conservative group that they re-think their call for some msnbc people to be fired. the point is the same. silencing those with whom you disagree does not help the country. the marketplace should handle it nobody has to listen to rush limbaugh or to msnbc and in the latter case, few do. unless an opinion is violent, or slanderous, it should be allowed. no question mr. limbaugh got hurt and he has apologized for
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sandra fluke comments. also evident that the marketplace dictated that apology. that's the way things should work in a free society. that's the memo. now for the top story tonight. reaction, with us, deneen borelli fox news contributor and author of the book "black lash." from south field michigan crystal mccreery attorney and author the book"inspirational profiles of black wynn women, changing our world." where am i going wrong here, counselor? >> interesting i'm speaking from my hometown of detroit, one of the greatest civil rights leaders rosa parks, also, you know, a boycott leader in many ways. what i always tell my children, that's what i think about with this whole situation that's occurring is that words matter. and racially, hateful, damaging language is not socially acceptable on the playground. it's not acceptable in the media it's not acceptable any place. >> bill: but i don't think
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anybody is saying it is. i don't think anybody is saying it's acceptable. >> forgive me. that made my ear piece come out. you are saying no one. >> bill: nobody is saying it's acceptable. can you hold your ear piece. in nobody is saying it's acceptable. what we are saying is to try to punish radio stations that carry a radio talk show, all right, because of a mistake that's been acknowledged by everyone, and now that's not good enough. you can't apologize. we are not accepting any apologies here. you have got to take that guy's job. you have got it throw him off the air. that's unamerican, now, if he was doing it every day unrepentant and violence stemming up around it, maybe. you made an interesting point about rosa parks. rosa parks and other good people back in the civil rights days boycotted, boycotted because human rights were being violated. human rights. it wasn't an opinion. people were being forced
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physically to be in the back of the bus or not to go into a hotel. there is a big difference. we are talking speech here. now, how would you rely to the counselor? i will come back. how would you reply to her? >> bill, businesses have been drawn into this political fight. they are caught in the middle. and if you advertise on a conservative program the liberal left is going to make an example of you. this is all about control of conservative speech. if you are individual, you are targeted and criticized. you are called names. i have been called all kinds of names for my defense of liberty, personal responsibility, and limited government. >> bill: who called you names? who has called you names? >> people hiding behind their computer, cowards. i have been called uncle tom, it's a long list. >> bill: don't even read that stuff. >> if you are a business they want to boycott you. it's all about control and stifle ling conservative speech. >> bill: counselor, don't you see that? this is how totalitarian societies operate. if you start to criticize the government they come in and
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find a reason, find a way to shut you down. just as you said. all right. this is unacceptable. you can't be doing racial here. you can't be doing gender insults here. boom. you are out of there. you can find -- look, what about satire, counselor? what about people making fun of other people in certain way? you shut them down, too? >> listen, there is a reason why harmful language -- there is a reason why you can't holler fire in a crowded theater because if it's not true. why? because someone could get harmed. someone could get. >> bill: there is a legal remedy for that if you slander or libel someone you can be held accountable under the law. >> there is a slippery slope, gray area that we are dealing with here that a lot of groups don't really want to address that has to do with gender and racial bias. and, believe you me, we can look at several people in the
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public, women and men, trayvon martin case who was killed because of racial biases and prejudices. >> bill: you are always going to have that kind of disorder whether there is free speech or not. you are going to have it? >> boycotting is free speech. >> bill: boycotting -- i disagree with you. >> it absolutely is. >> bill: you are allowed to do it. >> yes. >> bill: t goes against free speech because it con strains it i disagree with you. >> i don't agree that it constrains it. >> bill: of course it does if you say something i don't like we are going to go after your sponsorship and get you thrown off the air. i'm going to give janine last word. >> more free speech the better. i want to know where it's coming from. it is up to management if they want to get rid of someone. >> that's their prerogative. >> also up to the consumer whether they want to continue. >> bill: marketplace. yeah. that's how the free market usually works. it usually works pretty well. but, this other thing, talk
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about a slippery slope. i mean, you know, you start throwing people off the air and all of that, no good. already, ladies, very good debate. we appreciate both of you coming on. laura ingraham will weigh the latest santorum attack ad against mitt romney. ms. laura is next.
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>> bill: what did you take away from that debate, if anything? >> well, bill, i think we have a seen this farn on the left for some time. and the pattern, you see on college campuses, right, i mean i edited a conservative newspaper at dartmouth, the left didn't like the fact that there were students organizing and they were conservative and making their points of view known. we were a little sophomore rick at times, we were in college. they didn't like that. they did things to try to squelch free speech. that's college. the left never really least college. they want the speech codes to prevail in common conversation in radio and television and so forth when t suits their political aim. i think we can all agree that
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time to elevate the dialogue i think conservatives agree with that as well of the idea that you are going to push rush limbaugh off the air or drive him out of the business. i think it makes the left look really weak. all of our wonderful friends over at media matters, they should just start winning the substantive debate and do themselves a big favor. >> bill: they can't win the debate particularly now. >> they're on the wrong side. >> bill: the way the country is now they can't win it? >> yeah. >> bill: anybody ever go after your sponsors to try to get you tossed off the radio? >> not that i'm aware of. >> bill: they did to me on this -- i don't even remember. i went to sylvia's restaurant with al sharpton five or six years ago and we did this thing on the radio. i was talking about my grandmother and how fearful she was of african-americans because she never met one. my grandmother didn't know any african-americans. if i could take my grandmother into sylvia's restaurant where you see a top flight restaurant no different from any other restaurant my grandmother might have been swayed and not have these very
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narrow opinions. >> i remember. >> bill: i was trying to do a good thing and media matters absolutely took it out of context, twisted it around and tried to get me fired. tried to get the black community and thank god they didn't rally but tried to get me off the air because of that. >> bill, and you, smartly and with common sense and i think a lot of grace under the circumstances pushed back and people of good faith and common sense understood that it was all a bunch of malarky. >> bill: not all of them though. there were news agencies that ran up to harlem, took the media matters quote and man on the street stuff and it was awful. anyway, i want to show you that this is about me, it's about you, it's about rush limbaugh. it's about everybody. >> it's about shutting down a meaningful conversation. >> bill: absolutely. >> the push is always coming from the left. i want more speech, not less. >> bill: talking about meaningful conversations, rick santorum still in the fight. here is his latest radio ad, go. >> you are seeing mitt romney
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doesn't seem to have any core values. just says what he thinks people want to hear. like telling liberals in massachusetts he is pro-choice. always will be. then telling conservatives he is pro-life. now romney's latest pandering, after telling us he supports making english official language seems mitt gets caught in puerto rico telling them he opposes them having to learn english to become a state. rick santorum has stuck to his convictions. >> bill: isn't enough enough now or do we have to continue to go through this for another three or four months. >> i'm not of the view that all of this is horrible for the party or suspects going to wound the ultimate nominee which is probably going to be mitt romney. mitt romney was in town today meeting with jim demint and other conservatives on capitol hill trying to unify the party, unify people. is he kind of making a lot of inroads in doing that at the same time rick santorum, i think, has an argument to make
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and that's obviously a negative ad. he has been subjected to negative ads. newt gingrich has been subjected to negative ads by the romney campaign. as long as real issues are being debated i don't have a problem with it. but i would agree, bill, that. >> bill: go ahead. finish up. >> i would agree that if you are saying romney is a bad guy, i don't think that necessarily is helping santorum or anyone. >> bill: the critical mass has been reached. so everybody knows that santorum thinks that romney is a phony. and everybody knows that romney thinks that santorum isn't quite the conservative he be. stuff okay when he was in the senate. all right. but, now, it is starting to crystallize that it is going to be very, very tough for rick santorum to get the nominee. >> yeah. he has to win 74% of the remaining delegates. >> bill: i would say it's a thousand to one shot. >> it's going to work out, so what? it's fine. >> bill: keep the attack ads going. i would rather see all of the
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candidates still in the race say, hey, now we're going to focus about me. here is about me. this is why i should get 74%. let's just go with me. >> he has done a lot of that. oak okay, look, it was good for the goose when romney was doing all the attack ads. >> bill: is there a goose? >> sometimes we all feel like we are goosed by. this he put out the negative ads. very successful for him in a number of states. santorum is giving it back as well as he can. >> bill: now. >> laura: we're up against it in louisiana. he is ahead in louisiana. but pennsylvania is going to be the big contest and after that shakes out, i think we will see this thing wrapping unfairly soon. >> laura ingraham, everybody, directly ahead, will congress go after the oil speculators and should they? we have a special report with stuart varney not susan varney. stuart varney. and then one of the big movies of the year the hunger games aimed directly at teenagers. but it's kind of violent. culture warriors on that in just a few moments. [ male announcer ] how can power consumption in china,
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large amounts of oil, this bill will make it more expensive to speculate, more money down, make it more expensive, push the speculateors down. if you buy oil as $110 a barrel and goes down to $70
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you're going to pay more at the end of the rainbow. it's a gamble. >> yes. yes. there is true. absolutely. >> if you put this bill into effect the net result might not be lower prices. i think it would stabilize prices. they won't go up so fast. >> there would be less fluke twaigs because a lot less speculative money coming in and out of the marketplace. >> and if you're an airline you want to fly oil for future deliveries so i buy it now. >> if you think the price is going to go up. >> they all speculate, airlines speculate so they can control the price of their airline autos if they have to put up more cash they need to operate. what is the greater good? the folks getting killed in the marketplace now, or couple of selected industries which can pass on whatever they have to pay to the consumer?
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>> you're assuming if this bill came into affect prices would go down. >> i think what you said is true. but i think it would come down, but they milt constrain chaos, constrain the pricing chaos. >> we all want the price to come down. >> bill: right. >> and there is a gambling aspect of the oil industry. >> a agree with you. doing it this way i think it would constain. >> bill: would you vote for it?. >> i would vote for it. i would want to know more expensive they're going to make it. i don't want airlines and truckers to get hosed. >> bill: they can pass it along. american consume jer helpless now. we go in. my town now it's like four and a quarter for regular gas.
8:26 pm
you know? >> i'm paying $75 to fill up my van. i used to pay $40. >> bill: you and me we can do it but guys and gals operating on a very, very small budget with children and everything else, they have no say. i'm not going to let this... >> why is it so... >> bill: not just blame it on speculateors. >> why take it out on them? >> bill: stop, stop. not just them this, is doable. you can do this. you can't do much about iran threatening to close the straits. here is something you can do. you can't do much about those madmen that. is what they're blaming it on now. iran doing this, syria doing this. okay. but this you can do something about. >> what if three years ago we had a leader, a can do leader who said we've got a trilinin barrels of oil in america.
8:27 pm
come on boys let's go for it and get it f there was a national intent... we'd not be in this situation. >> bill: president obama's mismanagement is outrageous. did you hear chu giving himself an "a"? come on. and president bush didn't reign in speculateors and allowed more exploration of oichl he did that. >> the price of oil went from 147ses today $33s a barrel in a couple months. those speculateors got really late. >> bill: the price of oil that time. >> i. >> i believe he made noises about opening his strategic plans. >> bill: saudies are key to this. >> why don't we go after the oil we've got in the ground? >> bill: not arguing that.
8:28 pm
>> we know we've got a trillion. u.s. geological survey. >> bill: good enough nor me. >> if we said we're going to go get it it would have impact on prices? over the long term? >> bill: let's send chu out there to get it. all right. logical, for once, plenty more ahaechld big new movie into teenagers, kind of violent. taking a look at "hunger games". then, megyn kelly. what is likely to happen to a guy who gunned down a black teenager in florida? the feds are now involved and we hope you stay tuned for the reports.
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>> bill: culture warrior
8:31 pm
segment tonight. big new movie called hunger games based on best selling book opens tomorrow. teenagers forced to kill each other as part of a brutal competition in the future. >> each year, the 12 districts of panam shall offer up tribute one young man and woman between the ages of 1 and 18 to be trained in the art of survival and to be prepared to fight to the death. >> this is the time to show them everything. make sure they remember you. 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. [explosion] >> bill: all right. hunger games rated pg-13. here to analyze is tammy bruce and gretchen carlson in phoenix. carlson, these are phenomenons for people who don't know there there is a trilogy of these books where these kids
8:32 pm
try to fight for survival. interesting concept, i guess. some watchdog groups very disturbing. kids have night mayor's and this and that. it is a pg-13 rating and you say? >> i say it's pg-13 because they wanted this to be a blockbuster. this book or books were originally written for young adults in 2008. what has ended up happening is that they have become older age for 10 to 15-year-olds. i have friends who have kids in that age. they say they do have nightmares from watching this. this is about america gone totally awry and all about survival and it's a reality show that's shown on live television where kids are killing each other. that's the point of this game. it's violent from the very beginning. >> bill: absolutely. violent underpinnings of the books and the movie that opens tomorrow are the controversy. and you say, tammy? >> you know, this is very gladiator like, this environment. gretchen hit it as that it's one thing we are becoming desensitized to violence.
8:33 pm
in this film it's violence child to child. we think about tweens and young adult book market. if the parents are not book readers they really don't have a sense necessarily of what this film is. while it's pg-13. kids sometimes go alone. parents have got to be ready to have a conversation with their children because it's, again, one thing to see adult violence, which is also very often too much. but the scenes in this involve spears and arrows and being mauled by animals, it's remarkable. >> bill: a lot of kids' parents don't care. there is a book called the lord of the flies made into a british movie, violence kids against kids, there was absolute message to that i want my child to read lord of the flies. i want them to see that i don't know if the hunger games rises to that level. in fact, i would tell. >> let me just say, this bill. i would like to add that some conservative critics are saying maybe this is a good message because it's actually antigovernment and these conservative critics feel like
8:34 pm
we have had too much government or over the last three years. >> bill: see if the kids with r r going to get the message female heroine. instead of being a damsel in distress she is actually out there doing things there are some good things about the movie. >> some benefits to it the difference between a film and the book. with books you are limited and actually you have to use your imagination. that's what we want for kids. when you talk about the lord of the flies, the imagination is there in a lot of ways you are limited by your life experience. when you put a child in front of a screen, it's going to be an entirely different dynamic because then it's just that imagery coming in on them. >> bill: true. tamped it down because it would be r if it was in your face violence. 19 states allow teachers can spank kids, 19, all right? alabama, arizona, arkansas, colorado, florida, georgia, idaho, indiana, kansas, kentucky, alabama, north carolina, oklahoma, south carolina, tennessee, texas and wyoming. in vermont they allow the kids
8:35 pm
it paddle the teachers. it's a little liberal. it's the other way around. [ laughter ] i only have a minute. carlson, are you for or against corporal punishment in school? >> i don't think there is any place for this in school right now. especially in some of these states. some -- the parents don't even have to know about it before their kids might be paddled in 2012. >> bill: you say no corporal punishment and you say, tammy? >> i don't agree with it. >> i think every parent doesn't want their bureaucracy, a bureaucrat touching their child whether to he remove them from a campus to have an abortion or to beat them up. i think it's really about having it be in the parent's hands, it's archaic and needs to go. >> bill: i never laid hands on any kid as a former teacher. the kid is out of control, isolate the kid in the school and call the parents right away. get the parents in there and say this is the way we can't have it but hitting the kid doesn't really accomplish much. all right, ladies, thanks very much. we appreciate it come right back, megyn kelly on the black teenager gunned down in
8:36 pm
florida. what will happen to the man who did it? also obama care goes on trial next week in front of the supreme court. ms. megyn is next. ♪ [ male announcer ] you're at the age where you don't get thrown by curveballs. ♪ this is the age of knowing how to get things done. so, why let erectile dysfunction get in your way? talk to your doctor about viagra. 20 million men already have. ask your doctor if your heart is healthy enough for sex. do not take viagra if you take nitrates for chest pain; it may cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure. side effects include headache, flushing, upset stomach, and abnormal vision. to avoid long-term injury, seek immediate medical help for an erection lasting more than four hours. stop taking viagra and call your doctor right away if you experience a sudden decrease or loss in vision or hearing. this is the age of taking action. viagra. talk to your doctor. sure. cake or pie? pie. apple or cherry? cherry.
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thanks for staying with us, i'm bill o'reilly. tonight beginning with a fatal shooting of a 17-year-old you may know the 28-year-old george zimmerman shot the teenager dead in florida. and now, a law allows people to use deadly force if they feel threatened. trayvon martin was unarmed and no charges have been filed electrically to. analyze what might happen in this case. the local police chief is out.
8:39 pm
for... >> yes. he is temporarily out at least. saying he has become a distraction in this national debate so two other guys are going to share co-duties. >> bill: why was he a distraction? >> he stood by his police department and they took the word of the would be defendant here, and now there is a national outcry, he has gone out of the way. >> bill: the zimmerman guy according to abc news called 911 like 50 times. >> yes. just in january. look. bill, this case, you don't want to rush to judgment. you don't want to convick the guy. but this stinks to high heaven. and the way the police handled this stinks to high heaven. they need and now said they're turning this over to the florida attorney general that. is good. let's just hope this
8:40 pm
investigation hasn't been botched to so badly they can't dot investigation they need to do. but this looks like terrible situation. i will say this. as far as hate crime goes, i don't know if it happened like that. if he uttered a racial slur on those calls there is some evidence he did that doesn't make this a hate crime. it's where i attack you because you're black. the only rb reason, main athrust of the attack. i can't just be one of the things in terms of second degree murder that charge looks very promising for the d.a.. >> bill: it will be a state charge? >> i think it will be. now that the florida attorney general is now getting involve that had will take it to a new level. fbi will help them investigate. now, hopefully. soy will say thchl the stand your ground law is not what this case is about. it's not about the stand your ground law. saying my will you zant ply here.
8:41 pm
that allows me to defend myself with deadly force on the streets if you come up to me and put me in fear of my life. that does not apply when i go over to you and i create the circumstances of a confrontation, then, you start using force against me, i can't use that law to use deadly force against you it doesn't apply in those circumstances. >> bill: we'll let the system as long as it move as long we'll watch what happens here, next tuesday, supreme court and obama care this, is big, right? >> this is big. i don't think i can get in now. you lawmakers can't get into the u.s. supreme court. >> bill: packed house. >> i will say this. the first thing you hear of it will be on my show, audio comes out as my show goes to air. >> bill: good for you. the obama administration isn't celebrating second anniversary of obama care. they're keeping quiet. is that because of the supreme court? >> they're saying you, the
8:42 pm
press are making too much of that. they're going to have a woman take to twitter tomorrow afternoon at 2:00 p.m. if you want to talk to her. >> bill: cecelia? >> she is going to twitter about it. >> bill: we're not going to have vice president biden cursing or anything? >> well, it's a big deal. >> bill: to recreate the original swear word? >> call cecelia on twitter. >> bill: i would say to the american people, i'm bold and fresh and made a prediction the supreme court will throw out the individual mandate here, you and say? >> i don't know. i really think this is so close. and if i had to and if you're forcing me to bet, boy bet you're right. i would bet they'd strike down the individual mandate. >> bill: i have been right many times in the past.
8:43 pm
>> this is a real conflict for me. i like coming on the show. >> bill: have you to tell the truth. >> yes. all right. now. the key issue is... my way of thinking constitutionality of a federal apparatus forcing individual americans to buy anything. >> because just because they're sitting on the couch and just because it exists. they're not saying if you do this and put yourself out there. they're saying everyone has likelihood they'll go to er and if they don't have insurance, rest of the taxpayers going to have to foot that bill. they're touching on interstate commerce as we have ability to regulate them. there has nef been a case looking like this that went up to the supreme court. and it's not telling you the truth. and this would really be a huge sweeping power grab. or grab of power.
8:44 pm
>> bill: government becoming far more powerful than it is now. which is why 28 state attorneys general joined in to try to get this out. >> and they're posting for a number of reasons including medicaid reason. >> greta:. >> bill: they don't want the people of florida telling people what they can buy. >> and if they strike that individual mandate the whole thing needs to go. >> bill: if it's thrown out by the supreme court there will be more cursing by the vice president. >> i predict he'll take credit for the whole thing. >> bill: there you go, the great clips to show you right after these short messages. t is. my friends say that it's like i'm driving a spaceship. the body style and the interior design... everything is really cool, but more than anything i love the gas mileage.
8:45 pm
i don't even know what it's like to really stop and get gas. i am probably going to the gas station about once a month. probably less. you should get a volt because it's going to save you a crap load of money. [ laughs ] ♪
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>> bill: back of the book segment tonight. the great american news quiz, the gangster edition. here they are, the quiz kids martha maccallum playing for bruce henry from laughlin,
8:48 pm
nevada. and steve doocy representing -- if you would like to win great prizes sign up on bill o' i picked this category for maccallum. >> thank you. >> bill: went with the gangsters. >> gangster not gangsta? no real gangsters. >> gangster chef. >> bill: one of the most famous movie gangsters of all time was portrayed by marlin brando. >> i don't know what to to do. i don't know what to do. >> you can act like a man. what's the matter with you? is this how you turn down -- cries like a woman? >> what can i do? what can i do? >> character don core was based on several real life. character johnny fontaine was reportedly based on the relationship between frank sinatra and which real life
8:49 pm
gangster? >> bill: cards up, please. an easy one. the answer is sam giancana. i am writing about him in killing kennedy. he plays a role. not that you care but i thought i would mention it tied, very thrilling so far. here is question number two. the notorious john dillinger robbed dozens of banks in the 1930s. >> on the floor, now, now. >> game mr. president called spin the dial. >> dillinger was eventually gunned down outside a chicago movie theater after the fbi was tipped off to whereabouts by whom? his mother, b a prostitute he was seeing. c, a member of his own gang and d the theater's ticket taker. who dropped the dime on
8:50 pm
dillinger? cards up, please and the answer is a prostitute. that's correct. >> the hooker. >> i knew callum was going to rise to the gangster thing. she looks innocent but here it is. question number three, george baby face nelson was portrayed reentdly in a george clooney movie. >> george nelson it's a pleasure. [inaudible] will you, buddy? [gunfire] >> all right. that's a crazy cohen brothers there that movie. to this day, baby-faced nelson still holds what dubious distinction in american history? and the answer is, correct,
8:51 pm
kill the most fbi agents. three questions, three correct answers. i don't think that has ever happened before. , ladies and gentlemen. should why quit while we are ahead? >> good night, everybody. >> bill: this is the easiest question coming up. al capone, one of the most notorious gang leaders in american history. >> i want that son of a bitch dead. i want him g.e.d. dead. i don't care what [bleep]. did i ask you what you are trying to do? did i ask what you are trying to do? >> please. >> i want you to get the [bleep] where he breets. i want you to find this -- i want him dead. i want his family dead. >> bill: sounds like a factor. [ laughter ] just kidding. for you media matters people get that right up on your web site. capone was eventually busted for tax evasion and became one of the earliest inmates at what famous prisons?
8:52 pm
the answer is alcatraz. how could you not know that doocy? >> i had to miss one. >> bill: yeah, i guess you did. >> bill: all right. maccallum. congratulations four for four. but you could still blow it. bernie madoff back in the news this week as the owners of the new york mets settled a lawsuit stemming from their investment in madoff's fund. >> when new york mets owner fred wilpon and his business partner in court today they appeared happy. the legal settlement with the investor's trustee including dropping that wilpon willfully blind when they took money from bernie madoff's ponzi scheme. they did not know they helped steal other investors' money. >> bill: new sentencing. madoff was sentenced to play center field for the mets this season. all right? cruel and inhuman punishment i believe. there is also another madoff baseball connection. another one of his ripped off investors was which hall of fame pitcher? noland
8:53 pm
the answer is sandy koufax. >> gangsters i know baseball i don't know. >> bill: i will call it a tie. so bruce and nancy you both win top notch prizes. very entertaining and thank you both. pinheads and patriots on deck. rosie o'donnell talking about her show being cancelled. say it ain't so. p and p just over two minutes away. we've got to protect the environment. the economists make some good points. we need safer energy. [announcer:] who's right? they all are. visit diarrhea, gas or bloating? get ahead of it! one phillips' colon health probiotic cap a day helps defend against digestive issues
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pin heads and patriots. rosie o'donnell canceled, once again. my book be killing lincoln received great news this week. the second best selling nonfiction book in 2011 behind unbroken which was in the marketplace for the entire year and "killing lincoln" just three months on sale. really happen. i want to thank everybody who has read the book. if you become a premium member you get "killing lincoln" free of charge. greg car pennate'sville, illinois. reverend corey brooks is one of the good guys. be nice to him.
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i want him to think deeper, deeper about solutions to this terrible problem in chicago. jerry benson of virginia. violence in chicago and elsewhere will not end until we admit the root cause. the disintegration of the family. larry tucker of spokane, washington. bill, you established that oil prices are a rig game. drill for oil but make what is found only available to americans. i'm for that. if they would get an arrangement with the oil companies what you find here in america and we will give you permission to drill on our land because again we own the land and the 12 miles of water off the coast has to stay here and be processed here. that is the solution. steven -- susan elpass sew, texas. jesse waters is way off base with his remarks. as a mensan and graduate of an sec school i would our i can
8:58 pm
would be far better off without a harvard graduate as president. sue mills from nashville. i would like an apology from jesse. edward chmura, japan. o'reilly, just read your response to tom hank's apology to you. very classy. leading by example. i don't think he meant anything malicious by his deal with the fundraiser. i just don't. joyce watkins of california. i think sasha and malia should get father's day tickets for their dad to the show. indianapolis on june 22 we will be there. and i will be solo in west palm beach april 6, melbourne, florida, april 7. details on billo'reilly .com.
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the two florida shows going fast. i have never been to quito, unwarm front few major cities i have missed. i thought you would be interested to know that our book club the yah yah sisterhood has chosen killing lincoln. >> it took only five months for the oprah network to cancel rose se rosie o'donnell's network. off i came to chicago with the best of in texs trying to do what i thought would be kind of easy for me but it wasn't really that easy. >> bill: that was a great humble at the same time. this in this instance


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